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SIG/AltArch meeting 2024-02-23


  • Neil Hanlon
  • Sherif Nagy
  • Brian Clemens
  • Stack
  • Alan Sill

Follow Ups

  • SBC Support - We're close on a lot of the boards we aim to support (Orange Pi, Libre boards, Rock Pro, RPi5, etc)
  • Raspberry Pi5
    • Needs 16k kernel variant
  • arm-trusted-firmware in staging for 8 and 9
  • please test, adds support for some SBCs we target
  • RISC-V - Communications ongoing with RISC-V foundation for firmware
  • What else do we want aside from what they may be able to give us?

Open Floor

  • Alan has Turing Pi boards to run his Pis--would be nice to be able to test these
  • Jeff Geerling did a video recently on Turing Pi cluster board
  • "little clusters" -- just shared NFS, works ok. needs to be NVME because of i/o thrashing, though
  • Stack: there has been a lot of interest in SBCs in Rocky the past few months
  • Would be good to have a plan to convert interested parties to contributors
    • we have a lot of SBC $$$ to spend on HW for folks
  • Roadmap & Status -- What do we support, who supports it, what works/doesn't work
  • Risc-V
  • Alan has Lichee Pi 4a |
  • Should we include non-altarch (x86_64) SBCs in our list of what works?
  • They work out of the box (for the most part), so, let's just include them
  • - GPIO via a Pico
    • Alan wants to get this running under Rocky at some point
    • also looking at
  • Stack: Grace Hopper?
  • seems to be only debian from NVidia
  • Brian: Yoshi (CIQ) may have a contact that knows more information about Grace Hopper and Rocky
  • Sherif: Intel GPU update
  • Met with them through HPC SIG (Jeremy)
  • DKMS version first for testing
  • Later: signed for secureboot and installable as kmod package (kernel SIG)
    • User tools in HPC SIG
  • NVIDIA -- maybe we can talk to them after we show this working well, collaborate
    • Needs legal review and sign-off from NVIDIA
    • many questions about this... e.g. How can we trust signing a proprietary blob for SB signing?
  • Stack's SBC tower:

Action Items

  • Neil to reach out to Equinix regarding arm hw for altarch
  • Neil to reply to RV folks
  • Neil to look into wiki content population
  • Neil to file ticket to investigate kernel packer to repack upstream RPi kernel
  • Neil to work on SBC Kernel variant config in KernelPacker
  • Sherif to work on Raspberry Pi kernel variants